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Fleming Island, FL                                                                                           

Stefani Nolan – Attorney
Nannette Kitchens – Paralegal
Kayla Anderson – Legal assistant

David Merritt – Attorney
Kimberly Santiago – Paralegal
Lisa Wefsenmoe – Legal assistant

Rick Mercure – Attorney
Elaine Randolph – Paralegal
Laura Vick – Legal assistant

Jacksonville, FL

Scott Ellerin – Attorney
Monica Byron – Paralegal
Mark Dumlao – Legal assistant

Andrew Garro – Attorney
Kara Davis  – Paralegal
Alissa Durham – Legal assistant

Gainesville, FL

Kent Griffin – Attorney
Kimberly Mitchell – Paralegal
Allison Williams – Legal assistant

Kevin Conner- Attorney
Kimberly Mitchell – Paralegal
Allison Williams – Legal assistant

Ormond Beach, FL

Giovanni Osuna – Attorney
Elaine Randolph – Paralegal
Natalie Layne- Legal Assistant

Tampa, FL

Daniel Smith – Attorney
Kayla Anderson – Paralegal
Ashley Estevez – Legal assistant
Janice Silva – Legal assistant

Robert Angstadt – Attorney
Nannette Kitchens – Paralegal
Michelle Walker – Legal assistant
Jacqueline Murphy- Legal Assistant

West Palm Beach, FL

Christina Gregoire – Attorney
Melissa DiNatale – Legal assistant

Ft Lauderdale, FL

Nathan Kohley – Attorney
Kristina Yanovich – Paralegal
Micheca Aristilde – Legal assistant

Nauman Siddique – Attorney
Brittany Husted – Paralegal
Hilda Edghill – Legal assistant

Pensacola, FL

Brian North – Attorney
Meredith Bennett – Paralegal
Megan Ainsworth – Legal assistant

Erica Dlubala – Attorney
Meredith Bennett – Paralegal
Megan Ainsworth – Legal assistant

Ft Walton Beach, FL

David Lohr – Attorney
Courtney Luksha – Paralegal
Susan Morin – Legal assistant